Awakening to the Heart 

 A Mountain Sanctuary for Heart-Centered Community Gatherings & Events

             Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire                  

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We kindly ask all participants to agree to the Awakening to the Heart Event & Liability Waiver before attending a class, workshop or event held through Awakening to the Heart at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary. 



Other Policies


     Events may be photographed, recorded or live streamed. 

  • Attendance signifies your consent to be included in any photo or video taken at our events. 
  • Please let us know if you need an exception to this consent.

     Health & Safety / Covid Policy for all our events

  • We ask that you stay home if you are feeling sick.
  • If you have been exposed to covid, please observe the CDC Covid Guidelines. 
  • It is always your choice if you would like to wear a mask during any event.


Activity & Event Waiver Form