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 Inspirations for Heart-based Meditation Practice                                                                                                                                                                               

 Compassion Practice Group with Cynthia Scrimshaw
                                 Date:   Saturday, February 9, 2019          
 Time:  10am-11:30am

Topic and discussion is focused on ways to develop a heart-based meditation practice. We will explore using daily meditations, inspirations and rituals that will help us connect with the beauty of our hearts. 

Rumi poem I have come to drag you out of yourself

Compassion Practice Group meets for 90 minutes in circle, beginning with a sound bath of the heart chakra crystal singing bowl and silent meditation. This is meant to be an interactive group. It is anticipated there will be a combination of thought-provoking, heart-felt and playful moments. All accompanied by a cup of tea.  

There is no charge for Compassion Practice Group.

Love Donation Appreciated.


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