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Day-Long Retreats


Day-long Retreat details


Min/Max group size: 7 / 15

Fee per person: $65
Tea and light refreshments provided. Bring bag lunch.)

Note: If you are unable to come because of financial concerns, please contact us. We will have partial scholarships available.

2019 Scheduled Retreats

   Saturday, February 16
  (Silent Meditation Retreat)
   Saturday, June 29

   Saturday, September 28

Norman & Cynthia Scrimshaw are your retreat leaders/facilitators. Guest teachers may help facilitate some of the retreats.

Day-long retreats include meditation and silent reflection, meaningful dialogue, connection, in an atmosphere of joyful acceptance and heart-centered awareness. 

More details and schedules for each retreat will be posted soon.


Silent Meditation Retreat
& Satsang with Norman

Version 2

Join us for a day of inquiry and silence. During this retreat, we will slow down, relax and look into what is true for ourselves. You will be supported to notice if the mind and its stories stand in the way of understanding and awakening to our hearts and the connection to the hearts of others. The day will include silent sitting, walking and eating. There will be two satsangs during the day, when we’ll hear teaching through dharma talks, followed by inquiry and dialogue to answer questions and offer insights. Group meditation practice is very powerful and is an opportunity to go deeper into the silence. Silent Meditation Retreats at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary offer a time for being quiet with nature and the surrounding mountains. 

The Dharma is like rain. Let it penetrate deeply into our consciousness, watering the seeds of wisdom and compassion that are already there. Absorb the talk openly, like the earth receiving a refreshing spring rain. The talk might be just the condition our tree needs to flower and bear the fruits of understanding and love.  ~ Deer Park Monastery


Awakening to the Heart Retreat
with Cynthia & Norman


Are you ready for a day of connection and playfulness, combined with resting in tranquility in companionship with others, nature and the beauty of surrounding mountains? Awakening to the Heart Retreats at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary offer opportunity for renewal and inspiration and to participate in a culture of honesty and acceptance. 

We begin and end our time together with circle and group meditation. Before meditation and rest periods, Cynthia will play one (or more) of her crystal singing bowls, offering a healing bath of vibrational sound to deepen meditative, restful states and body/soul awareness. The day will be designed for a balance of quiet and movement activities that may include restorative yoga, contemplative walking in nature or in the labyrinth, Dances of Universal Peace, creative arts (such as nature rubbings, expressive writing, individual/group mandala drawings, cooperative games with spiritual meaning). There will also be time for Awakening to the Heart dharma talks with interactive dialogue and discussion. 

Emphasis throughout the retreat is intention of opening and awakening to our hearts, our joy, and compassionate nature that is innate within each of us. Each retreat is individualized to reflect the needs of the group.


Possible topics to explore at our retreats

  • Curiosity: Openness, spaciousness, and presence
  • Stillness: ability to center and find inner peace
  • Heart-centered awareness, self-compassion & compassion for others
  • Mastery of the dirty tricks department of the mind
  • Deepening connectedness and friendship
  • Self-care: identifying individual needs, i.e. rest, healthy boundaries
  • Lightness and joy: discovering one’s sense of humor and ability to let go
  • Spirituality: developing a meaningful and mindful life
  • Releasing fears, old stories and emotional wounds

I have come to drag you out of yourself and take you in my heart.      I have come to bring out the beauty you never knew you had,
and lift you like a prayer to the sky.

                                            ~ Rumi

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