~ Awakening to the Heart ~ 

A Mountain Sanctuary for Heart-Centered Community Gatherings & Events

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire  

Fire in our Hearts

Community Drum Circle


Fridays, 5:30-7:00 pm

Next Fire Circle: Oct 13, 2023

We Welcome you to our Sacred Fire Circle in the Mountains!

Bring your drums, rattles, gongs, songs and prayers
as we join together in the alchemical rhythms of our hearts through drumming

This sacred fire circle is a conscious collaborative gathering inviting participants to co-create and 

have a transformative and empowering experience. Fire circles are literally alchemy in action. 

We are all part of this cosmic dance to elevate hearts and illuminate our spirits. 

An altar will be created on which you may place your sacred objects while we drum, dance & sing. 

Some drums and small instruments are available to borrow if needed. 

The event is free, donations are kindly accepted.

We’ll see you around the fire!