~ Awakening to the Heart ~ 

A Mountain Sanctuary for Heart-Centered Community Gatherings & Events

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire  

See Directions & Important Info below

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Awakening to the Heart

Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary

24 West Meadow Rd

Thornton, NH 03285

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Our Covid Policy:

Due to increased covid outbreaks and less ventilation available during colder weather,
we have updated our policy for indoor events.

  • We ask that you stay home if you are feeling sick.
  •   If you have been exposed to covid, please observe the CDC Covid Guidelines. 
  •    Please test for covid within a 24 hr period of the event to help us all stay healthy.
      (Some health centers have free covid tests available and CDC has free tests available if you order them)
  •    If you would like to wear a mask during any event, that is your choice.    
       (We will have some masks available in the yurt.)

Other Info: 

Events may be photographed, recorded or live streamed. 

Attendance signifies your consent to be included in any picture or video taken at our events.

Activity & Event Waiver Form:

All participants must sign an activity & event waiver form before attending a class, workshop or special event held through Awakening to the Heart. Before submitting your registration or attending an event, please read and sign the waiver. If you participate in more than one class or event, you only need to sign this form once.  Please read Activity & Event Waiver. 

Thank You….