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Information and Guidelines for Events - Summer/Fall 2021



We are excited to be offering events here at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary once again,
but due to the recent pandemic situation/health concerns, we want to make sure that our events do not pose any health risk or concerns for those participate in our gatherings. 


We have large canopy tents and floor mats that we will be using for Outdoor Kirtans

this summer and fall. They are OK for light rain, but do not provide cover for beyond that.

canopy tent

Check regularly for any updates
for our events in case of inclement weather.

Please read all the information below carefully, before you come to any event this summer/fall.


With Guidance from The CDC and The State of New Hampshire... 

Participants who are Fully Vaccinated are Invited to Sing Freely Outdoors without Masks.


We invite all those who are fully vaccinated to participate in Kirtan Events held at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary. We have given this much thought and want to insure the sanctuary will be a healthy and safe environment, so that we can truly enjoy the power of kirtan. 

We recognize there are individuals who either are unable or choose to not vaccinate. 
Our policy is not meant to discriminate, but to eliminate any potential health risks to those who gather.


(to maintain safety for everyone who attends) 

  • All participants who attend Kirtan are to be fully vaccinated. 

  • Please maintain 6' distance from others (those not in your intimate circle of family/friends).

  • Please bring your mask and wear it when unable to maintain social distancing and when entering the main house if you need to use the bathroom, or when entering BodhiHeart Yurt at any time. The yurt will be open to a limited number (6 at a time) for brief silent meditation before/after kirtan.

  • Please respect other people's space and boundaries. Ask permission before hugging or touching. It is important to maintain social distancing, unless otherwise invited.

  • If you can't agree to these safety guidelines, please refrain from attending. 

  • *PLEASE STAY HOME if you are unwell, or have been around anyone who has felt unwell. 

namaste hands

Thank you! 

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