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Chant & Serve, with gratitude & overflowing love...

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Praying Buddha

Words cannot express the gratitude and overflow of sweet emotions that were experienced by all at the Chant and Serve Spring Retreat sponsored by the Call and Response Foundation on May 3-5. We were honored to have this held at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary.


Jen Canfield and Scott Hari Whitmore with Evan Muid Bushnell - the Call and Response team of amazing support for this retreat.


Scott and Mu

Shantala, the stunning and deep experience of true artistry, devotional music and loving presence shared by Benjy and Heather Wertheimer, on Friday evening…


Cynthia in Labyrinth

Heartfelt Hanuman Chalisa with Muid and Scott on Sunday morning….

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Our extraordinarily sweet and talented chef, Beverly and her assistant Aliya
Vegetarian meals that were absolutely delicious to the palate and eyes!


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