Awakening to the Heart 

 A Mountain Sanctuary for Heart-Centered Community Gatherings & Events

             Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire                  

Metta Practice with Cynthia…

What is Metta? 

The word Metta comes from the ancient Buddhist language of Pali. Metta is loving kindness, universal love, and a feeling of heartfelt concern for all living beings, in all situations. 

What is Metta Practice?

This practice offers opportunities for gentle self-healing, connecting with heart wisdom
and inviting grace into our daily living by cultivating mindfulness
and developing compassion for oneself and others… 

    Sessions will include:

  • Sacred Sound Immersion with healing tones of crystal singing bowls, chimes, temple bells, Sansula kalimba and Guda brass tongue drum; songs & mantras with harmonium and other instruments.

  • Guided Meditation to relax & restore the body, mind & soul, while opening the heart & connecting with its wisdom;

  • Spiritual Storytelling using legends, myths & short stories to shine light on  the creative mind, connecting with the heart & inner knowing.

  • Exploring Individual Deities, understanding the symbolism & wisdom of their parables. Learn powerful mantras that unite us with ancient healing vibrations, with others & our highest truth.

  • Mindful Movement to deepen kinesthetic learning, to calm the nervous system  & ground ourselves into the present moment.

  • Aromatherapy to promote inner peace, rejuvenation & a joyful spirit.

  • Safe & Nurturing Environment that enhances deep comfort.

More info for your session:

  •   Reflection & discussion is included, but focus is deepening through sensory & kinesthetic experiences—a way of learning beyond what the mind can conceive.

  •   Wear comfortable clothes and warm socks. Bring a water bottle.

  •   We have yoga mats, yoga blankets and cushions that are available for your comfort.  
          You are welcome to bring your own mat/props if you would like.

  • You do not have to sit or lie on the floor.
          Assistance is available to make it most comfortable for you.



Current Metta Practice Offerings

Saturday, 8/10/24 :    Pathways to the Heart of Healing

Saturday, 9/7/24:       Ganesha Chaturthi

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All are Welcome to Metta Practice
Sliding fee donations accepted

~ no one turned away due to lack of funds ~