Awakening to the Heart 

 A Mountain Sanctuary for Heart-Centered Community Gatherings & Events

             Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire                  

About Norman…

Norman Scrimshaw

“It is not from thoughts created in our mind, but through the Heart and the Love we bring to Life, that we find our true nature—the essence of our being.”           ~ Norman Scrimshaw

I began a search for wisdom and truth around the age of twenty. In my early adult years, I investigated philosophy, psychology and spirituality through academic study, various books, personal growth seminars, living in an ashram, trips to India, and commitment on spiritual paths with Indian gurus. 

In 1999, I had the good fortune to meet my first non-dual spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, and began my study with him. It was a powerful time of meditation and inquiry. In the process of life itself, I saw thoughts losing their power to dictate identification with fear, emotional pain, and anger. I awakened to the living experience that the truth and essence of my being was found not in any thoughts, but in the awakened presence of my heart.  

In 2003, I received Adyshanti’s blessing to teach and share wisdom and insights from the source of the joy that lives within me. Inspired by Adyashanti and the nondual traditions of Zen and Advaita, I offered Satsang, which I found to be a gift—a deepening of my inquiry into truth as well as the blossoming of a heart-centered spiritual community.

In late May of 2019, I had a stroke, leaving the right side of my body greatly weakened and reducing my cognitive ability. For a time, I even lost my ability to meditate effectively. This was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I was blessed by the discovery of Neelakantha Meditation and my return to strong re-engagement in my exploration of consciousness.

In August 2019, I received formal initiation into the practice of Neelakantha Meditation with my wonderful teacher, Mary Gerdes. From the very beginning, my meditation ability was restored with glimpses of great beauty and bliss. With a commitment to daily practice, my experience is beyond what I could have imagined. This effortless deep meditation practice has taken root as an essential part of my life. I have experienced healing of mind and body and continuing opening of my heart. Limitations of my body continue, but I now can meet its challenges with increased inner vitality. 

In June 2021, I received Advanced Neelakantha Initiation with master teacher Paul Muller-Ortega, PhD. In addition to daily Sadhana, my practice is supported by advanced studies with Blue Throat Yoga, a Non-Dual school for deep meditation practice and study. 





I continue to open my heart through my Sadhana, with all of its unfolding experiences and realizations, and am called to share this in Satsang with others


Meditation & Satsang with Norman