~ Awakening to the Heart ~ 

A Mountain Sanctuary for Heart-Centered Community Gatherings & Events

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire  

Our Offerings

   Awakening to the Heart Offerings are Open to All

We are non-denominational; all events focus on Gathering Together with Open Hearts. Our Intention is to Nurture Loving Kindness, Peace & Joy within Ourselves and One Another, and to Radiate this Energy to All Beings and Our World.

Norman and Cynthia Scrimshaw have opened their home sanctuary

nestled in the heart of the White Mountains, to support a growing heart-centered community with sacred space for heart-opening gatherings and events, such as

Meditation, Sound Healing, Kirtan, Yoga, Music, Drumming, Dances of Universal Peace,

and other Classes, Workshops, and Retreats.


Our vision is of providing sacred space that supports awakening to our hearts
and the Divine within, to joy, and building conscious community. 

Drumstory with John de Kadt

Kirtan with Shantala

Kirtan with Adam Bauer

Call & Response Foundation

2019 Spring Chant and Serve Retreat

Kirtan with Devadas

Soulful Kirtan & Lullaby Yoga
with Johanna Beekman

Into the Heart Immersion
with Gershone & Gina Minyard

Playlists & Videos

To view videos*  ~ Click on the Images below 

* Please note these videos are not professionally done and include
a few human “faux pas”, but we hope that you enjoy watching them!

Past Special Events …

Way of Love Workshop
with David Newman

Kirtan Workshop with Kripa

(Harmonium & Drumming)

Kirtan with Girish

Creating Your Own Shamanic Drum
with Jane E King

Flowing Nectar Yoga + Candlelight Kirtan
with Gershone & Gina

Sunset Kirtan with Kalidasa,
Kaveri Dasi and Shana Aisenberg

Dances of Universal Peace
with Sarah-Elizabeth Anderson
& Rev Steve Miller