Awakening to the Heart 

 A Mountain Sanctuary for Heart-Centered Community Gatherings & Events

             Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire                  

Sacred Fire Circle


Fire in our Hearts

Community Drum Circle

At the sanctuary we offer regular Community Drum Circles,
facilitated by Becky Cyganiewicz.

Bring your drums, rattles, gongs, songs, chants and prayers
as we join together in the alchemical rhythms of our hearts through drumming.


An altar will be created on which you may place your sacred objects while we drum, dance & sing. 

Some drums and small instruments are available to borrow if needed. 

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In many cultures, a sacred fire is seen as messenger between the material world and higher spiritual realities, between (wo)man and the universe. What we offer in the fire is carried to the invisible realms where higher powers can recognize it and send back their grace. 

The event is free, donations are kindly accepted.

We Welcome you to our Sacred Fire Circle in the Mountains!

The Sacred Fire Circle bring us closer to our hearts, to our own inner flame. It pulls us towards timelessness, away from our past stories and misled beliefs. Instead it brings us closer to the place of healing, to the power of the present moment, to the realization we are all one.