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BodhiHeart Yurt

BodhiHeart Yurt is the Sanctuary’s Meditation Hall & Sacred Space. 



Some logistics: Built in the fall of 2018, BodhiHeart Yurt (unlike most other yurts) has insulated solid walls and ceiling. It is 25-ft in diameter with approximately 500 sq ft of space.
Heat source is a mini-split energy efficient heat pump, with a back-up cast iron vented propane stove.

BodhiHeart Yurt now has a medical grade air purifier with H14 Hepa filtration system, in addition to
ceiling fan and 6 large windows + dome that can be opened for optimum 
ventilation of air.

The Building of BodhiHeart Yurt

Site is Carefully chosen and prepared...


The Yurt Foundation is laid and carefully leveled.

Then, Subflooring & the Walls, and the Roof framework...

By far, the most strenuous part—raising the heavy roof cover and rolling it out in freezing weather! Getting there—dome is up and roof tarp is cinched.

Roof completed, then Awning, Valance, Outside Light, BodhiHeart Yurt Sign, 
AND Prayer Flags… Inside—Flooring, Lighting, and Sacred Space prepared…

Welcome to BodhiHeart Yurt!

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