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Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary Cabin


Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary Cabin 
Offers a unique and restful experience, 
surrounded by the natural and serene beauty of the mountains and forest.
A special place for spiritual seekers and meditators,
as well as for hikers, couples, friends or families wanting to spend quality time together,
and those who want to “unplug” and get away from it all.


Awakening to the Heart
uses the cozy space at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary Cabin during special events.
The cabin also provides 
lodging for guest heart-based teachers and musicians who travel longer distances.

Interested in a Personal Spiritual Retreat? 


In Fall of 2018, we built BodhiHeart Yurt and Metta Labyrinth, as designated sacred and meditative spaces at the Sanctuary. These will be accessible to Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary Cabin guests who are interested in meditation, spiritual inquiry and personal discovery as part of their stay/retreat. Guests are also welcome to attend group meditation sittings or other scheduled events. Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary is a non-denominational environment, where all spiritual values are honored and embraced. 

The cabin is listed with Airbnb for those who would like to make reservations. 
 (Please let us know at the time of booking that you are planning a personal spiritual retreat.)
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