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Community Kirtan

Join us for the expression of heart connection through Kirtan, with uplifting and healing sounds of mantras and soulful meditative chanting.

"Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha"


All are Welcome
Community Kirtan is for Everyone ~ This is Family Friendly!

Kirtan is often referred to as Bhakti Yoga
the devotional practice and awakened consciousness of unconditional love and unity of all as one…


We meet on the side lawn under canopies or at the fire pit circle

Please bring:

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When we are able to meet inside BodhiHeart Yurt
, we have chairs, backjacks, zafus, yoga mats & blankets. Please leave your shoes at the door, bring a water bottle, wear comfortable clothing & warm socks. 


What to Expect:

- CYNTHIA, AUDREY & SHANA regularly co-lead Community Kirtan, but there is ALWAYS an opportunity for anyone to share a chant. There will be a chair with mic set-up for you :) Please contact Cynthia if you would like to offer a chant, or if you have any questions...

You will be guided in a call and response singing of mantras and other devotional music. Each chant will be followed by a short period of meditative silence.

Kirtan songs are simple and repetitive. You do not need to be a “singer” to chant. Just bring your voice & open heart. During kirtan, all voices & hearts meld into one.

Some have experienced kirtan before, & others are new to itDon’t worry about having to learn all the words, just listen and repeat what you hear. It doesn’t have to be “correct”. The purpose of kirtan is to get in touch with your heart, connect with others, and to feel free and joyful!

There are many ways to participate and you are invited to do any of the following—chant, sing, get up and move or dance, or be silent—all while soaking in the heart-opening sounds and healing vibrations of kirtan.

Donations Gratefully Accepted


Kirtan is simple, joyful and powerful meditation. 

It is the ebb and flow of healing sound
—mantras, ancient chants, dev
otional music— 
and all voices merging into One. 

It awakens us to our hearts, 
and our connection with one another.  

The beauty of Kirtan is that everyone can participate
—with voice, movement, or stillness. 

And w
ith an open mind and heart, your soul and body 
                                   will respond with deeper knowing and delight.
                                           ~    Cynthia Scrimshaw          



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