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The Voice Within with  Audrey

Vocal Freedom Technique for singers, speakers & communicators


Cost per session: $50

For more information:  contact Audrey via email or phone


Singing is easy! Audrey’s approach is holistic and designed for the student in front of her. She developed her own approach, Vocal Freedom Technique, by combining tools from classical and modern singing methods while addressing lack of confidence and personal road blocks.

Audrey’s ideal student has a desire to sing whether at home, in the car or on stage. Her background in theatre, sacred music and meditation help her to create a fun and welcoming space.


“Audrey has an incredible ability to know those times when to challenge me just a bit more

to expand my vocal instrument— and when to offer support when I need to find my center

so that my true voice can be heard. “

“No two sessions are exactly alike, which allows me to learn and grow at my own pace 

and to rediscover my voice within each moment.“

Audrey Drake is a Professional Singer & Songwriter and Vocal Coach, Sound Healer, Aquarian Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach, and Meditation Instructor.

Audrey has two passions: music and healing.

Whether practicing Reiki, teaching yoga , or performing on stage she has found a common thread of freedom and peace that promotes  gentle healing release and removes energy blocks for her students, clients and audiences.

Her approach is unique and customized for the person in front of her. 

“My desire to help people is the loving force behind all that I do.
Seeing the breakthroughs people have along their personal path lights me up!” 


  • Kundalini Yoga 
  • Meditation & Sound Healing
  • Private Healing Sessions
  • The Voice Within / Vocal Freedom Technique for singers, speakers & communicators
  • Meditation Classes & Coaching 
  • Master-Mining, Purpose & Path discovery sessions 
  • Keynote Performances to Inspire & Celebrate
  •   Oracle Card Readings
  •   Workshops

More About Audrey … 

In 1996 Audrey received her BA in Vocal Performance from Plymouth State University and became a certified Reiki Level I practitioner. Working with energy healing turned from a curiosity into a way of life and lead to her Reiki Level II certification. In 2008 she became a Level III Reiki Master Teacher. In 2017 she received her Aquarian Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher’s Certification.  Audrey also attended a 6 day immersion with Snatam Kaur and Prabhu Nam Kaur studying Sacred Sound Healing through mantra. 

In her late teens, Audrey was introduced to meditation and explored many styles but had difficulty building a daily practice. After studying with several teachers to help get past the common blocks when we first attempt to “sit” and quiet our busy minds, Audrey discovered that Mindful Meditation was the practice which best suited her lifestyle. This practice eventually lead to her finding her deeper spiritual purpose.  

Audrey is also an accomplished songwriter, performer and recording artist. Her CDs Soul To Keep (2008) & The Next Best Thing (2020) are both a collection of songs from the heart and have helped many on their personal healing journeys.