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I retired a few years ago, but after time for reflection and introspection have realized that my heart is calling me to connect more deeply with kindred spirits, and to support, teach and do what I can to assist others on their life journey and search for bringing more compassion into their lives. And along the way...I want to sing, play and share special moments with others!




My "Personal Heart & Spirituality” History: I am what is known as a “highly sensitive person” (HSP)—an individual who feels deeply and has an intuitive and empathic nature. Since young adulthood, I have explored many pathways for understanding how to hold and embrace my sensitivity, as well as discovering my strengths, creativity and my voice. Over time, I became in touch with my true nature. I developed a personal spiritual practice, inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh and the Dali Lama, that essentially comes down to understanding a way of being in the world that embraces loving kindness, joy, harmony and acceptance, and trusting my heart wisdom which is connected to infinite love, peace, knowledge, and beauty. I continue to deepen my practice of compassion for myself and others, and learning to live with my heart open without fear. About 12 years ago, I discovered the ultimate gift of my sensitivity—my resistance to close my heart after having awakened to it being open. I became grateful for all the emotions that came through my heart, even the painful and sorrowful, realizing that I am blessed to be able to feel so deeply. Soon after this is when I met Norman. Several years ago, I was introduced to Kirtan and Bhakti yoga, and recently I have immersed myself in learning to play harmonium and singing mantras and devotional music. My spiritual practice and heart expansion continue to evolve through chanting and using my voice with words of devotional love. It is a beautiful experience!


 I recently found this video clip from Jeff Foster: 
"To The Sensitive Ones
…. It resonates deeplythank you, Jeff :)


My “Service to Others” History: For over four decades, it was my honor to serve thousands of individuals with diverse backgrounds and states of wellness—as a Registered Nurse, Massage Therapist, Energy Healer, Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Integrative Psychotherapist. In my role as holistic nurse-teacher, I am grateful for the invaluable 10-year experience of developing curriculum and my role as instructor for a university certificate program in holistic health care practice. Foundation to this program emphasized the importance of developing heart-based awareness and unconditional healing presence. I found awakening to my heart expanded the more I taught—"you teach what you need to learn”. Heart-centered caregiving, mind/body integration, stress management and trauma recovery became my forte, as well as expertise in compassion-focused therapies, mindfulness & contemplative practices and mind/body modalities. My spiritual practice and my study and practice of compassionate (non-violent) communication  has greatly influenced my work with others. The growing research that bridges Eastern and Western medicine and focuses on the interconnectedness of mind/body/spirit, especially compassion neuroscience, has been an ongoing interest. It has validated what I have always known in my heart. 

I am now excited to continue be in service to others as facilitator for Compassion Practice Group and other events through Awakening to the Heart. 

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