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About Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary

Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary is located in White Mountains area of Central New Hampshire, surrounded by the Sandwich Mountain Range, Welch-Dickey and the White Mountain National Forest. 

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The vision of Awakening to the Heart is to share Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary and the sacredness of this land, offering support and a gathering place for a growing heart-centered community.

Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary includes the original mid-century Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary Cabin and the Main House built in 2004. BodhiHeart YurtMetta Labyrinth, and large fire pit were added in 2018.






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Norman and Cynthia Scrimshaw are owners and caretakers of Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary. They were married in a special ceremony in August 2008 on the grounds of Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary, witnessed by family, friends and the surrounding mountains. Together they have planted and nurtured the gardens and worked toward making their lives and Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary sustainable and “Green”, including adding solar panels, composting vegetable waste, diligent recycling, and making a personal decision to eat only plant-based foods since 2009. 

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Norman and Cynthia experience deep gratitude and joy every day for being able to live in this healing environment, as it nurtures them spiritually, emotionally and physically. They lovingly share this space with many others beings, including a variety of birds, bees, and butterflies, deer, black bears, coyotes, fox, turkeys, moose, groundhogs, squirrels, chipmunks and other wildlife. It is truly a special place and they welcome other “human” beings to share in the natural beauty and serenity here, and to be embraced by Mother Nature, the mountains and forest.

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