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Health Guidelines for Events - Summer/Fall 2022

(to maintain safety for everyone who attends) 

P1050694 - Version 2

We are excited to be offering events this summer & fall at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary

Due to ongoing Covid spikes/need for precautions, we want to make sure that our events do not pose any health risks or concerns for those who participate in our gatherings.

Although the recent Covid-19 strains appear to be less harmful to most individuals,
unfortunately they are much more infectious.

  • We ask all participants to be fully vaccinated OR have a negative covid test just prior to our events.
    For optimal safety, the CDC recommends that individuals do a covid test prior to attending gatherings, especially those held indoor.

  • Please note that this latest update in our health guidelines allows the opportunity for non-vaccinated individuals to attend, if tested negative within 24 hrs prior to an event.

  • For more information/to find a free covid testing site:

  • You can request free covid testing kits for home use.

  • Please respect other people's space and boundaries.
    Ask permission before hugging or touching.

  • Bring a mask with you, to use at your discretion.

  • *PLEASE STAY HOME if you are unwellor have been with anyone who has felt unwell. 

  • Community Kirtan will be outside under Canopy Tents  or at the Sanctuary Fire Pit Circle. There will be plenty of room to spread out and sit where you wish. 

  • If you are vaccinated and for some reason do not want to take a covid test, you have the option of wearing a mask while you are inside. 

  • The yurt has a new medical grade air purifier with H14 Hepa filtration system, ceiling fan and 6 large windows that can be opened for optimum ventilation of air. 

 Thank You!

If you have any questions, please contact Cynthia
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