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If We Build It, Will You Come?

We wake up each morning in gratitude to be living surrounded by such natural beauty here in the White Mountains. For many years, we have had a vision of building a yurt as a sacred space on this land. There is a new stirring in our hearts that the time is NOW! We are feeling a deepening in awakening that needs expression. We keep getting an image of the movie, “Field of Dreams”. A voice in our hearts speaks, “If you build it, they will come”.


There are other voices in our Heads, that say…
“Are you crazy?”
“It is too expensive”
“You are supposed to be retired and are too old to start something like this”
“No one will come this far into the wilderness”

We have decided to follow the voice in our hearts. 

The deposit has been made and it’s non-refundable! We anticipate the “raising” of the 25-foot diameter yurt to happen the beginning of October 2018.


Below is the site where the yurt will rest. Look carefully for the Prayer flags that are flying over the sacred space that has been chosen.

More news and pictures to come, as we share the progress.

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