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AUDREY DRAKE - Healing Practices and Offerings


Audrey Drake

Singer, Songwriter, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher & Healer,
Intuitive Wellness Coach, Meditation Instructor,  Sound Healer, Vocal Coach 


Over the past 20 years Audrey has developed her own technique through energy work and music into a series of private healing sessions, group meditation, classes and workshops. 

She guides her clients through deep release of unspoken truths to uncover their authentic voice and purpose. 

She also teaches fundamental vocal techniques in support of healthy singing which allow for better breath support, tone quality and overall performance to musicians and people who are looking to connect confidently with their voice. 

Accomplished Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist...

Audrey has two passions: music and healing. Since early in her life she knew music was a way to reach people on a healing level. In 1996 Audrey received her BA in Vocal Performance from Plymouth State University. She has performed as a soloist, singer/songwriter, recording artist  and in multiple groups including The NH Master Chorale. 

Healer and Teacher...

When Audrey was 17 she began another journey into meditation and the healing arts. After college, during a personal struggle with panic attacks and anxiety, she became a certified Reiki Level I practitioner. Working with energy healing turned from a source of relief to a way of life and led to her certifications as a Level Three Reiki Master and Teacher in 2008. Several years later, after working as a marketing manager for a yoga studio, Audrey decided this would be the next step on her journey. She completed a 260 hour yoga teacher training and became an Aquarian Kundalini Yoga Teacher.



Audrey's Healing Practices & Offerings include:

- Private and Group Kundalini Yoga 

- Sound Healing

- Intuitive Energy Healing 

- Meditation 

- Chakra Balancing 

- Angel Card Readings

- Cooperate Wellness Workshops 

- Voice Lessons


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is a regular co-leader at Sandwich Mountain Community KIrtan 

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