Satsang with Norman - Love, Fear and Surrender ~ February 18, 2021 | Awakening to the Heart

Satsang with Norman - Love, Fear and Surrender ~ February 18, 2021


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                                     07:15 = Introduction
                                     09:14 = Guided Meditation / Sacred Sounds
                                     17:00 = Silent Meditation
                                     32:00 = Beginning of Satsang

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A Message from Norman

My guidance in meeting this moment and healing journey came from the teachings I had been able to absorb from my time with Adyashanti. This journey of inquiry and insight continues to this present moment. 

  More recently, I have studied with another non-dual teacher, Paul Muller Ortega, of the Kashmir Shiva Tradition. As his student, and as an initiate of Neelakantha Meditation, I continue to have insights, which are called Bhavana in this practice. 


About Norman   

             Love, Fear and Surrender

Satsang with Norman

 Thursday, February 18, 2021
6:00-7:00 pm   ~   All are Welcome

Satsang begins with Music and Meditation


Norman is pleased to be invited as a Guest Satsang teacher, 
hosted by Christine Polito and her Thursday Evening Meditation Group


A Story that Norman wrote 20 years ago that relates to
 this Satsang of Love,Fear and Surrender...


Christine Polito hosts Thursday Evening Meditation and Satsang every week.   
It is all-inclusive and multi-traditional. All philosophies, schools of thought, and beginners are welcome.
The regular format is 30 minutes of silent meditation, followed by 30 minutes of discussion (Satsang) based on the subject of the quotes of the week. To join her meditation group, contact info:

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