Winter Solstice Evening | Awakening to the Heart

Winter Solstice Evening


Join Norman and Cynthia for a Conscious Community Gathering to Celebrate the Solstice!         

                                                      Date:  Friday, December 21, 2018          
Time:  6:30pm-8:30pm

All are welcome ~ There is no charge for this event ~ Donations are appreciated.

We offer an opportunity at this special time of year
to connect hearts with kindred souls 
in the sweet blanket of sacred silence, dialogue, and joyful Bhakti spirit.   


On Winter Solstice Evening
we will meet at BodhiHeart Yurt
for a blend of Meditation, Satsang and Kirtan,
followed by a Ceremonial Bonfire and Refreshments at the Cabin.


We'll begin our time together with the sound of the heart-chakra crystal singing bowl and 20 minutes of Silent Meditation, followed by a 40 minute Satsang with Norman
and heart wisdom group dialogue.


All are then invited to join voices in devotional music;
For a half hour, Cynthia will lead 
Kirtan on harmonium, with simple chants (call and response). We will have lyric sheets and percussion instruments available (djembes, cajon drum, khartals, tingshas, finger cymbals, rattles, & shakers) for those who would like to use them. You are also invited to bring your own instrument. This is sacred and healing music, also meant to be joyous and fun! Unity of spirit is the goal, not perfection. 
(Click here to read more about Kirtan)

People say, ‘I’m singing to the Hindu deities,’ but what does that mean? What is a deity?  
It’s like an older, deeper, bigger being. It’s a space, a presence, a feeling. These names are the names of that place inside of us that is love, pure being, pure awareness, pure joy. Kirtan—and other forms of mantra practice, such as seated meditation—help us uncover that place inside of us…our true nature.     ~ Krishna Das

We’ll close our evening with a Ceremonial Bonfire in the Sanctuary field. After, we will go to the cabin to share some hot drinks and light refreshments, and enjoy the warmth of the old fieldstone fireplace.

For those who want to participate, it is an opportunity to set sacred intentions for what we want to let go of and what we want to invite into our lives and for the greater good in the coming year. We’ll toss our written (or silent) intentions into the fire accompanied by dried aromatic cleansing herbs gathered from the gardens at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary. (In case of inclement weather, we’ll gather around the fire in the cabin for our brief solstice ceremony.)


Fire is sacred in many spiritual traditions, and has been used in religious rites for thousands of years. It is believed that fire has the power to shift and cleanse from us what no longer serves us and feed the seeds of intention of what we seek to call forth.

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