Sandwich Mountain Community Kirtan (virtual) ~ March 28, 2021 | Awakening to the Heart

Sandwich Mountain Community Kirtan (virtual) ~ March 28, 2021

Community Kirtan pic C A and S

Sunday, March 28, 2021 @ 3:00 pm (Eastern Time)

C A and S Kirtan Sandvox pic

(Click on names below for more information about kirtan co-leaders)

Cynthia Scrimshaw  / Audrey Drake  / Shana Aisenberg

~ Each will s
hare a selection of sacred chants/songs ~

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Audrey Drake: / VenMo:@AudreyDrakeMusic 

Shana Aisenberg: / VenMo:@Shana-Aisenberg 

Cynthia Scrimshaw /Awakening to the Heart: Click Here                                                          


Audrey - "Ad Guray Nameh" 

Shana  - "Sri Ram, Jai Ram" 

Cynthia  - "Jaya Shiva Shankara"

Join Us for Virtual Community Kirtan,
until we can gather again in person!

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