Metta Practice with Cynthia ~ Green Tara: the Wise and Fierce Protector ~ March 12, 2020 | Awakening to the Heart

Metta Practice with Cynthia  ~  Green Tara: the Wise and Fierce Protector  ~ March 12, 2020

Green Tara

Metta Practice with Cynthia

Green Tara:the Wise and Fierce Protector

Friday, March 12, 2020 - 10:30 am
All are Welcome
(Offered in the Spirit of Seva to our community)

Virtual Event from BodhiHeart Yurt


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(88 minutes) 

("Land of Zoom Note"start at 7:00 min, for very beginning of session, or at 10.25 min after silent meditation :)

*Includes a Guided MeditationRefer to "How to Prepare for Metta Practice” below
(We recommend that you wear earbuds or headphones for this recording)

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Mindful Movements to Awaken Green Tara’s Energy 


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Green Tara is often called
the Supreme Mother
She is seen as embodying the power of all Buddhas manifested into the female; an all knowing fierce warrior and compassionate being ready to step down from her lotus throne to offer comfort and protection from all of the sufferings we experience in the world.    

We call upon Green Tara in prayer or meditation and chant her mantra to help release fear, receive her protection, and to experience greater inner knowing and peace.


Metta Practice ~ Green Tara... 

Stories, Mythology & Life Lessons of Green Tara

Sound Immersion with temple bells, crystal bowls & handpan

Green Tara Mantra - Om Tare Turrare Ture Soha

Green Tara Guided Meditation 

Mindful Movements using QiGong and Mudras

Releasing Fear and Blockages 

Receiving Blessings of Loving Protection and Awareness


How to prepare for Metta Practice at home...

  1. Set aside uninterrupted time to focus on this metta practice and your self-healing.

  2. Allow enough time to settle in before practice begins.

  3. Have water or tea available for yourself.

  4. Choose an environment that is pleasant and comfortable to be in and has an area to sit and lie down—with blanket, eye pillow/cloth, yoga mat, floor cushions, a chair that reclines, or couch…whatever works for you. 

  5. Set up a small table/alter or specific area where you can focus on spiritual object(s) meaningful to you.

  6. Include a statue or picture of Green Tara, if you have one.

  7. If you like, light a candle. 
    You can also use a small amount of incense, or diffuse some essential oil prior to our practice.

  8. Rest your “thinking mind”. Allow yourself to receive information through all your senses.

     (There will be a recording to refer to, if you want to review anything later.)


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