Metta Practice with Cynthia ~ Beginning the New Year with Ganesha ~ January 15, 2020 | Awakening to the Heart

Metta Practice with Cynthia ~ Beginning the New Year with Ganesha ~ January 15, 2020

Metta Practice with Cynthia
Beginning the New Year with GANESHA


Friday, January 15, 2020 - 10:00 am
All are Welcome
(Offered in the Spirit of Seva to our community)
Virtual Event from BodhiHeart Yurt

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Please note: this was my 1st experience with Zoom recording, so apologies for the initial snafus!
(75 minutes)   *Includes a Guided Meditation(Refer to "How to Prepare for Metta Practice” below)

You may want to use headphones that can easily adjust the volume
as a few times the audio fades in and out in this recording

CLICK HERE If you would like a copy of the PDF file on the Ganesha Mudra and Meditation



is one of the most well known and beloved Hindu Deities. 

He is often described as the
God of Beginnings
& Remover of Obstacles 

When I think of Ganesha,
I also think of playfulness, wisdom, balance, and steadiness.

When you are setting goals or seeking wisdom as you pursue them
—you can call upon 
Ganesha as your guide.


  What we will joyfully explore in Ganesha Metta Practice... 

  • Stories, Mythology & Life Lessons of Ganesha
  • Sacred Sounds & Ganesha Mantras
  • Guided Meditation 
  • Mindful Movement using the Ganesha Mudra 
  • Setting intentions for the New Year, and Connecting with Your Inner Knowing 
  • Opening Your Heart & Letting go of Obstructions to Living an Authentic Life
  • Regaining Positivity & Courage when Dealing with Difficult Times

How to prepare for Metta Practice at home…

  1. Set aside uninterrupted time to focus on this metta practice and your self-healing.

  2. Allow enough time to settle in before practice begins.

  3. Have water or tea available for yourself.

  4. Choose an environment that is pleasant and comfortable to be in and has an area to sit and lie down—with blanket, eye pillow/cloth, yoga mat, floor cushions, a chair that reclines, or couch…whatever works for you. 

  5. Set up a small table/alter or specific area where you can focus on spiritual object(s) meaningful to you.

  6. Include a statue or picture of Ganesha, if you have one.

  7. If you like, light a candle.
    You can also use a small amount of incense, or diffuse some essential oil prior to our practice.

  8. Don’t take notes—allow yourself to receive information through all your senses.
    (There will be a recording to refer to, if you want to review anything later.)


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