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Feeling Blessed & Moving Forward...

We feel so blessed with all the love, healing energy and support we have received these past several weeks. And, we are now moving forward, ready to continue with our planned events this summer at BodhiHeart Yurt and Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary!

Norman will be returning home to Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary on June 25, 2019, a little over one month after having a stroke that has created limitations for using the right side of his body. In just 3 weeks, he is already walking with assistance of a cane for short periods. There has been a continual gain in the strength and use of his right leg. For now, he will be mobile by also using a wheelchair. His right arm is slowly waking up. There is still much therapy and rehabilitation ahead and he is working diligently with great determination and positivity. Norman's speech was originally affected as well, but he is now able to speak more fluently by relearning how to speak using his breath and being very conscious in how he enunciates his words and uses inflection. Norman’s mind is sharp, his spirit is strong, and he is looking forward to giving his next Satsang, which is scheduled for the first Saturday morning in August!

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