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A Divine Rainbow for Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary

Sites for BodhiHeart Yurt, Ceremonial Fire Pit (behind small group of trees)

and Metta Labyrinth

It is difficult for any one to ignore the majesty and mystical presence of a rainbow. Last week we received this beautiful image from above, offering us a divine message that our vision of expanding our sacred place here at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary is indeed upon us. 

It has only been since June when we received a clear message that we were called to build a yurt/meditation hall, but it has seemed longer in the waiting for things to fall into place. In the meantime, our vision of a sacred space has expanded to include a 40’ Labyrinth, a large ceremonial fire pit and offering a space for community kirtan!

This week things are progressing a at quicker pace, as the fire pit is completed, Metta Labyrinth now has a perimeter of stones, and BodhiHeart Yurt will be landing at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary in a few days.

We are blessed. We are full of gratitude. 
We are excited to share all of this with a growing conscious community!

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