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Gardens are Blooming & Hearts are Full...

It is the beginning of July and we are looking forward to starting up our Awakening to the Heart schedule again!


Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary's gardens are blooming and Norman is now rehabilitating at home, 6 weeks after having a stroke. He is feeling energized and excited about participating in our heart-centered events.. We are both grateful for our loving community and all the support we have received over the past several weeks. Although he is unable to get around independently, Norman will be able to easily get down to the yurt via an old golf cart that has been used off and on here at the farm. He is looking forward to offering Satsang on August 3rd ~ Join us in the sacred space of kirtan, meditation and a special Satsang with Norman at BodhiHeart Yurt. Cynthia is also very ready to lead Community Kirtan again on August 11…!


We are looking forward to celebrating with Johanna Beekman on Sunday, July 14, in less than a couple of weeks! Please join us for her special Soul-full Kirtan, followed by a Community Potluck 
and an evening of
Lullaby Yoga

Please share with others, since we have not had a lot of time 
to promote this very special event over the past month. 

We need help setting up for the Kirtan, Potluck and Lullaby Yoga
(in exchange for scholarship)
If you are interested, please let us know! 

July 3, 2019_Diana Rose Garden

Goddess Diana watching over her Rose Garden

July 3, 2019_Labyrinth

Metta Labyrinth—a path for finding one’s center and peace

Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary Bear Family

Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary Bear Family
in the Southeast Field munching on wild blueberries

Bear Family
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