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Reflections on the Heart’s Way

Reflections on the Hearts Way 
~ Norman Scrimshaw ~  

We try so hard to bring who we think we are to realization. These efforts will fail. The imaginary self cannot awaken. Keeping the false self going requires strategy. It constantly needs protection. Fortresses need to be built, yet it is like a sand castle facing the rising tide, it crumbles and constantly needs to be rebuilt. 

We keep the imagined self alive with the ever changing “ Story of Me” We keep fears alive with memories of a past, then project them into an imaginary future. We forget the pain from time to time, with the dream of the “imagined one” who will awaken.

Let go of this dreaming—all that you think yourself to be. 
It is so much effort and it is high maintenance.

We hold our identity tightly like a clinched fist.

Why not let go of this busyness of the mind for a short time and see what happens? Enter silently into that which is formless, without the baggage of all you believe to know.

Let go of your clenching fist, it will open naturally.

In deep relaxation where all that you know is gone.
All that is left is beingness. You are that.

All is well and you know you are home.


Mooji Heart's Way quote

I love the simplicity of Mooji’s invitation to enter softly into the freedom of your heart.

Community Kirtan!

~ Sandwich Mountain Community Kirtan ~
Cynthia Garner Scrimshaw

Our vision of providing sacred space that supports awakening to the heart, to joy, our true nature and building conscious community—Kirtan, often referred to as Bhakti Yoga or devotional music—encompasses all of this. We love the joy and heart-expanding experience of Kirtan. Chanting and moving to kirtan music is meditation in active form and creates an experience of heart connection and unity.

I cant remember exact details around making the decision to purchase my harmonium. I just remember that it came from deep within. After ordering my sacred instrument, I immediately received information about “Kirtan Camp” with Amah Devi and Johanna Beekman at The Yoga Space in Keene, NH, a half day intensive on learning how to play the harmonium. Yes, the universe affirmed I was to play the harmonium and begin a daily chanting practiceand to use my voice! The next step: sharing this in community.

Devotional music is often seen as an essential part of Satsang. Other than occasionally playing a special recording before meditation, this is something new for Norman in all the years he has led Satsang. With his renewed energy for teaching, he is embracing the potential for deepening the experience of Satsang. When we chant ancient sanskrit mantras and sing together before meditation, it helps to shift our sense of separateness to that of oneness and unity with the divine source within each of us. In addition, Norman feels that devotional music added to Satsang can help to relax the mind and open the heart. We began with including one devotional song/chant before meditation at our last Satsang, and plan to continue with this format.


Community Kirtans are increasingly forming throughout the US and the world. So, I thought: What better setting than in a yurt to sing and chant? Is this something we can offer our communityan opportunity to gather at BodhiHeart Yurt to deeply touch our souls with heart-opening, uplifting and comforting music? Can I imagine a community kirtan in the midst of the mountains, where all are welcome to experience and create sacred healing sound with devotional music? Am I willing to go out on a limb and lead Kirtan? 
Again, the answer is 
Yes”! Through this mind/body/heart processing, Sandwich Mountain Community Kirtan was conceived.

Harvest Moon…

~ Harvest Moon at Sandwich Mountain Sanctuary ~


It is now officially autumn and tonight is the Harvest Moon. Along with the moon, our hearts are full. It is one of our favorite times of the year here in the White Mountains. We must admit we have been challenged staying fully in the moment recently, with planning and making preparations for the building of BodhiHeart Yurt and Metta Labyrinth. The ground prep for both has been delayed by several weeks and we have received word that it will begin this week, weather permitting. Next week we will hear when to expect arrival of the yurt materials. A pile of old field stones continue to nest close by, waiting to become the foundation of sacred space for the labyrinth. 

All is well. When we stop and listen carefully, we can hear the land and the mountains whispering “Yes”.

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