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What are you Searching For?

What are you Searching For?
~ Norman Scrimshaw ~

Behind all our desires we are seeking peace, joy, wisdom, love, and connection. These are natural to who you truly are.

~You are already that which you are seeking~

Often we are not experiencing this natural state of being. We are identified with a mind that assumes we are lacking something that we need.  This mind churns to seek what is missing that would complete us where we feel deficient. It could be more money, a new relationship, a better job, a house, or land. Perhaps if we had more friends, we would be happy…  Some seek power to feel more safe—“if only people would behave towards me the way they should”. Getting what we want may help us feel better for a time, but the feeling of “something is missing” returns. It is never enough. Those who seek spiritual experiences can fall into the same trap of believing in a mind that is never satisfied. The light is not bright enough. The experience didn’t last. Eventually the disappointing experience rises as “I lost it” or “I need a bigger experience” and so on. 

~You are not the endless parade of thoughts that run through your head~

In the stories that you hear in your mind—sometimes you are wonderful, sometimes a failure. You may give yourself status in comparing yourself with others. Your identity may be tied in with your profession, your possessions, your religion or philosophy—and your passions. Identifying with what you are not is the cause of your suffering. 

~ It is in knowing what you truly are, that you are free.

I am here to remind you there is nothing missing. You are already complete and whole in who you truly are. You are Awareness itself. You are the attention that sees and holds the thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  In deep silence, we can begin to experience the qualities of what is awake in you, unconditional love, peace, joy, contentment, compassion and wisdom. In the beginning our attention may be so identified and entangled with thoughts, that experience of truth may feel limited.

In meditation we begin to experience a gap between thoughts and consciousness itself. As we begin to experience a gap between our thoughts and awareness itself, we begin to have a choice to simply notice thoughts without claiming them as ours. With the recognition of a space where thoughts arise of their own volition, we can give our attention to thoughts that are in service to a joyful and fulfilling life which is reflective of our True Nature. We can learn to turn away from a fixation with an indulgent soap opera of our stream of consciousness. We can then rest in the quiet peace of our own essence. 

So many thoughts arising filling every gap of silence, when attached to as ours they separate us from the beauty of the direct experience of this present moment. They pull us into dullness and suffering. Without attention thoughts fade away. To the degree you give any thought attention as real, more thoughts arise in support.

No thought that arises in consciousness is ours. They never were. They come and go at their own accord. If we choose not to give attention and reality to a thought, it has no power in our lives. 

No thought can hold the whole truth. At best, a thought holds partial truth. A thought that carries suffering carries no truth at all. Instead of claiming thoughts as ours, From spaciousness we discover that we can hold thoughts we carefully choose lightly and let them go when their usefulness has past. 

We need thoughts to live as a human being. We use thoughts as tools, knowing they are not truth itself. There are practical thoughts needed in life which involve things such as making grocery lists, solving problems, and budget planning. There is also a place for thoughts beyond the practical. Creative, playful, loving and connecting thoughts are all part of our natural expression.

Much of the time our mind is busy producing thoughts and words which we accept in an unconscious way.  So many of these thoughts are noise and not in service to our being.  As we learn to recognize thoughts and thought patterns that create separation and suffering, we have the opportunity to let them go before they take root. When we choose to use thoughts more wisely, we can notice thoughts, then turn our attention away from thoughts that don’t uplift us. The mind begins to quiet. We then find ourselves enjoying many more sweet moments of silence in simple Beingness where Joy is Alive.

Ultimately, we are the loving presence that holds all experience. We also are living on this Earth as human beings with its many challenges, confusion, and conditioning to overcome. At times, we may feel separation. We can learn to trust the great love that we are as ever present, always shining its light on our humanness. It softens, heals and comforts even the most wounded places of our human experience. We feel its warmth 

Then we know again… All is Well

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